About us

Our Vision: We wish to operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions.

USER INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: The products sold & distributed by the Company are being
consumed by various Industries like Paint, Construction Chemical, Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Soap, Paper, Rubber, Ink, Textile, Tiles, Powder Coating, Dyes, Resin, Bulk drugs, Coil coating & Intermediates etc. Most of the above stated industries are growing at a very good pace and we shall be able to fetch benefits of the same.


What We Are Trying To Achieve

Even though we have achieved much success over the course of our never ceasing growth, we have many targets yet to reach. Briefly, these targets fall into two categories: business, and global responsibility. At Krishchem, our first business target, is to move from Asia to the worldwide market. Our second target is to play an even more important role in the marketing of our products including Chemicals, Petrochemical Intermediates, Plastic polymers, Synthetic Fibers etc. Our third target is to further develop our new businesses. We will achieve all of these targets through the continued application of our business model (knowledge, transparency, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and competence), further development of our international network , and through the excellence of our people. Krishchem is deeply committed to nurturing the great resource of its worldwide members and associates. Our fourth business target transcending company hierarchy and geographic boundaries is to endeavor to improve the quality of life in places of need throughout the world. We endeavor to do this in a small way by trying to increase the use of the more Eco-friendly, totally recyclable plastics that we market..


What We Can Provide For Your Company

In today's dynamic world, the road for making the right market decisions is paved with peril and uncertainty. The industry always changes and evolves, prices and margins fluctuate, logistical difficulties vary, and leave past strategies useless and new strategies untested. At Krishchem we face these challenges of continuing to serve our business partners in this ever-changing industry, by anticipating and adapting ourselves to these global shifts. Even though we change our strategies and market approaches, We would like to focus on what does not change: our commitment to service and integrity, our leadership of the markets in which we participate and the result: the satisfaction of our customers. Let us bridge the distance of market uncertainty and work together towards your company's continued success.